Create a database on GoDaddy.

This tutorial will guide you throught the process of creating a database on your Hosting Plan. All you have to do is create the database, the setup wizard will take care of the rest. This tutorial is for GoDaddy but other hosting companies are similar.

My Account Button

Log in to your GoDaddy account.

Click on "My Account".

Click on "Web Hosting".

Click on the "launch" button next to the hosting account you want to install the "Sell Digitall" download system on.

Web Hosting

Click on "Databases" to open the panel. Then, click on the MySQL icon.


Click on "Create Database".

Create database

Fill out the form to create the database and click "Ok". Write down the database name and your password. You will need them when you run the setup wizard. They are both case sensitive so pay close attention to capitalization. The description is just for you to be able to recognize the database when you log into your hosting account.


The new database will have a status of Pending. We will come back later and click on the edit icon edit when the status has changed to "Setup".

Once the status has changed to "Setup", click on the edit icon.edit and copy the Host Name to paste into the setup wizard.

Host name

Congratulations, your database is now created.