Installing SellDigitall.

Once you've downloaded the application, unzip the files and upload them in the root folder of your website or blog.

Using your FTP program, move the selldigitall folder to the root folder of your website (where your main index page is located).

Upload the files

Now, run the installer.

Open your web browser and go to (substitute "" with your website domain).

If you haven't gotten your database host name yet from the last tutorial, log into your GoDaddy account and get it now.

Enter Database info

Enter the information you got from the tutorial on creating a database.

It's better to copy and paste this information in to avoid typing mistakes.

If you enter something wrong, the installer will let you know and send you back to this page to correct the mistake.

Enter Database info

Enter your name as you would like it to appear to customers. This will appear in the email links that SellDigitall sends to your customers.

Enter the email address you use for your PayPal account.

This must be your PayPal email address or the payments won't get credited to your account.

On the next screen you'll be asked to select the username and password you'd like to use to log into SellDigitall.

Do not lose your username and password. For security reasons, SellDigitall does not have a "forgot my password" feature.

Once you log in to SellDigitall, you will see your PayPal IPN URL at the bottom of the home page. You will need this for the next step, setting up your PayPal account

Paypal ipn url

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